Blue Raven Solar Review: Unveiling Strengths, Weaknesses, and Your Decision Guide 

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Blue Raven Solar Review: Unveiling Strengths, Weaknesses, and Your Decision Guide 

This Blue Raven Solar review aims to provide an unbiased and comprehensive evaluation of their services. Blue Raven Solar, established in Utah, USA,

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This Blue Raven Solar review aims to provide an unbiased and comprehensive evaluation of their services. Blue Raven Solar, established in Utah, USA, has rapidly grown to become a major player in the solar panel installation industry. They offer various solar panel options, financing solutions, and additional services like battery storage. This review aims to provide an unbiased and comprehensive evaluation of Blue Raven Solar, based on customer reviews, industry reports, company information, and our own analysis. We’ll delve into their products, sales and installation process, customer service, pricing and financing options, and real customer experiences, helping you decide if Blue Raven Solar is the right fit for your renewable energy journey. We’ve analyzed various sources, including customer reviews, to create this Blue Raven Solar review. 

Blue Raven Solar review : Products and Services 

This Blue Raven Solar review explores the types of solar panels they offer and their financing options 

Solar Panels: 

  • Blue Raven primarily installs monocrystalline solar panels, known for their high efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity. 
  • They offer various efficiency levels, typically ranging from 19% to 22% (higher efficiency translates to more power generation with fewer panels). 
  • Panels come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty on power output and a 12-year workmanship warranty on installation. 

Financing Options: 

Blue Raven offers several financing options to make solar panels more accessible: 

  • Solar loans: Borrow money upfront to purchase the system, with ownership transferred to you upon completion. 
  • Solar leases: Lease the system from Blue Raven for a fixed monthly payment, without owning the panels. 
  • BluePower Plus+™: A unique financing option combining aspects of loans and leases, offering ownership with potentially lower upfront costs than traditional loans. 

Additional Services: 

  • Battery storage: Store excess solar energy for later use, increasing your self-reliance and reducing reliance on the grid. 
  • Monitoring systems: Track your energy production and consumption in real-time, allowing for performance optimization. 
  • Maintenance plans: Ensure your system operates efficiently with regular check-ups and cleaning. 

The Blue Raven Solar Installation Process 

This Blue Raven Solar review dives into the typical process for getting a quote from Blue Raven Solar. The Blue Raven solar journey begins with a free consultation, either in person or virtually. This initial contact allows you to discuss your energy needs and explore if solar is a viable option for your home. A Blue Raven representative will gather information about your roof, electricity usage, and budget to provide a personalized quote.Following the consultation, a Blue Raven team member will conduct a comprehensive site assessment at your convenience. This assessment involves inspecting your roof structure, sun exposure, and potential shading, ensuring your property is suitable for solar panel installation.Once the assessment is complete, Blue Raven will present a detailed proposal outlining the recommended system size, equipment details, estimated costs, and financing options. This allows you to understand the investment and potential savings associated with your customized solar solution. 

The installation process itself is handled by Blue Raven’s experienced and certified crews. They ensure all permits and approvals are obtained before commencing work, keeping you informed throughout the process. The installation typically takes 1-2 days, depending on the system size and complexity.Throughout the sales and installation journey, Blue Raven offers dedicated customer support to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. You can reach their team via phone, email, or online chat for assistance and guidance. 

Navigating the Reviews: Blue Raven Solar’s Customer Service Landscape 

This Blue Raven Solar review analyzes customer reviews and ratings from various platforms to assess their customer service. Evaluating customer service is crucial when considering any solar provider, and Blue Raven Solar receives mixed reviews from various platforms. On one hand, many customers praise Blue Raven’s responsive and helpful customer service. They appreciate the ease of communication, with representatives readily available to answer questions and address concerns. Positive reviews often highlight the willingness of the team to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, even after the installation is complete. 

However, some customer reviews express disappointment with communication gaps and delays during the sales or installation process. These reviews often mention inconsistencies in information or a lack of follow-through on promised timelines. It’s important to note that Blue Raven has actively responded to these concerns, emphasizing their commitment to continuous improvement in communication and customer experience. They have implemented measures like dedicated customer service representatives and improved communication channels to address these issues.While negative reviews should be acknowledged, it’s equally important to consider the company’s response and efforts to address them. Ongoing customer feedback analysis and active improvement efforts demonstrate Blue Raven’s commitment to providing a positive customer experience. 

Understanding the Costs: Blue Raven Solar Pricing and Financing Options 

This Blue Raven Solar review discusses the cost range of Blue Raven’s solar panels and compares it to the national average. Understanding the financial aspects of solar panel installation is crucial for informed decision-making. While Blue Raven doesn’t publicly disclose their exact pricing on their website, customer reports and industry estimates suggest their solar panel systems typically fall within the national average range of $3.00-$5.00 per watt. This translates to a total system cost ranging from $15,000 to $25,000, depending on factors like system size, efficiency level, and additional services included. It’s important to note that these are estimates, and actual pricing can vary based on your specific needs and location. 

Comparing Blue Raven’s pricing to competitors requires careful consideration, as individual pricing structures and financing options can differ significantly. However, conducting your own research and comparing quotes from multiple providers can help you find the most cost-effective solution for your situation. 

Blue Raven offers several financing options to make solar panels more accessible: 

  • Solar loans: Loan terms typically range from 5 to 25 years with competitive interest rates depending on your creditworthiness. While requiring a down payment, loans offer ownership of the system and potential long-term savings on your electricity bills. 
  • Solar leases: Leases allow you to utilize solar power without upfront costs, typically with a fixed monthly payment over the lease term (usually 10-25 years). However, you don’t own the system and won’t directly benefit from potential electricity cost reductions. 
  • BluePower Plus+™: This unique option combines aspects of loans and leases. It offers potentially lower upfront costs than traditional loans with ownership at the end of the term. However, it may come with a slightly higher monthly payment compared to a standard loan due to the initial covered payments. 

Choosing the best financing option depends on your individual financial situation and goals. Solar loans offer ownership and long-term savings potential, while leases can be appealing with their low upfront costs. BluePower Plus+™ provides a middle ground, offering ownership with potentially lower upfront costs than traditional loans. 

It’s crucial to carefully analyze the loan terms, interest rates, and potential savings associated with each option before making a decision.  Additionally, consider any available government incentives like the federal solar tax credit, which can significantly reduce your upfront costs. Local governments may also offer rebates or other incentives to encourage solar adoption, so researching local programs is advisable. 

Pros and Cons of Blue Raven Solar 


  • In-house installation: Blue Raven uses its own trained employees for installation, potentially offering greater control over quality and consistency compared to companies relying on subcontractors. 
  • Positive customer experiences: Many customers report positive experiences with Blue Raven, praising their responsiveness, helpfulness, and willingness to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction. 
  • Diverse financing options: Blue Raven offers various financing options, including loans, leases, and BluePower Plus+™, catering to different financial needs and preferences. 
  • Strong reputation: Blue Raven holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and receives positive reviews from several online platforms. 
  • Simplified process: Blue Raven streamlines the entire process, from consultation to installation, potentially offering a smoother experience compared to some competitors. 


  • Limited transparency: Blue Raven doesn’t publicly disclose pricing on their website, requiring potential customers to schedule consultations for quotes. 
  • Mixed customer reviews: While many reviews are positive, some customers express concerns about communication gaps and delays during the sales or installation process. 
  • Shorter warranties: Compared to some competitors, Blue Raven offers a shorter workmanship warranty on installation (12 years) and a standard 25-year manufacturer warranty on power output. 
  • Limited product selection: Blue Raven primarily focuses on solar panels and doesn’t offer additional solar energy products like solar batteries beyond basic storage options. 

Blue Raven Solar: A Balanced Review 

Blue Raven Solar emerges as a contender in the solar panel industry, offering in-house installation, diverse financing options, and a streamlined process. Positive customer experiences highlight their responsiveness and helpfulness. Throughout this Blue Raven Solar review, we emphasize the importance of conducting your own research However, concerns regarding communication gaps and limited product selection are present. While Blue Raven’s pricing falls within the national average, a lack of upfront transparency requires consultations for quotes. Additionally, their warranty period is shorter than some competitors. Considering factors like product quality, pricing, and customer service, this Blue Raven Solar review offers a balanced perspective.