Frontpoint Security Review: Keeping Homeowners Safe Since 1996 

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Frontpoint Security Review: Keeping Homeowners Safe Since 1996 

This frontpoint security review delves into their offerings, customer experience, and overall value proposition to help you decide if Front

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This frontpoint security review delves into their offerings, customer experience, and overall value proposition to help you decide if Frontpoint is the right fit for your security needs. Frontpoint Security, established in 1996, has carved a niche in the home security industry with its reliable monitoring, user-friendly DIY systems, and extensive equipment options. This review delves into their offerings, customer experience, and overall value proposition to help you decide if Frontpoint is the right fit for your security needs.  

For over two decades, Frontpoint Security has stood as a prominent player in the home security industry, earning the trust of countless homeowners nationwide. But navigating the intricate world of home security can be overwhelming. This comprehensive review aims to demystify Frontpoint’s offerings, guiding you through its services, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately helping you decide if it’s the ideal guardian for your peace of mind. This comprehensive frontpoint security review aims to demystify their offerings, guiding you through their services, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately helping you decide if it’s the ideal guardian for your peace of mind. 

Frontpoint Security Services: Monitoring, Equipment, and More   

We’ll break down each monitoring plan’s features, pricing, and suitability for different needs in this frontpoint security Review. Frontpoint offers a variety of monitoring plans, ensuring a customized fit for your security needs and budget. Let’s dive into the options: 

1. Professional Monitoring: 

  • 24/7 professional monitoring: Trained professionals monitor your system around the clock, dispatching emergency services when needed. 
  • Cellular backup: Ensures uninterrupted monitoring even during power outages or internet disruptions. 
  • Multiple plan tiers: Choose from basic protection to comprehensive packages with video monitoring and environmental sensors. 
  • Crash & Smash protection: Unique feature that safeguards against system tampering by alerting authorities even if the panel is destroyed. 

2. Self-Monitoring: 

  • DIY installation and management: Control your system directly, bypassing professional monitoring costs. 
  • App-based access: Arm and disarm your system, view live camera feeds, and receive alerts remotely. 
  • Limited functionality: No professional dispatch or cellular backup, potentially compromising response times. 

3. Hybrid Monitoring: 

  • Combine self-monitoring with professional backup: Enjoy cost savings with self-management while having professional intervention during emergencies. 
  • Flexible configurations: Tailor your plan to include professional monitoring for specific sensors or timeframes. 

Frontpoint Security Review :Comparing Monitoring Plans: 

Feature Professional Monitoring Self-Monitoring Hybrid Monitoring 
Professional monitoring Yes No Yes (on selected sensors/timeframes) 
Cellular backup Yes No Yes (optional) 
Crash & Smash protection Yes No Yes 
App-based access Yes Yes Yes 
Cost Highest Lowest Medium 

Equipment Ecosystem: Securing Every Corner: 

Frontpoint boasts a versatile selection of equipment to cater to diverse security needs. Here are some key highlights: 

  • Sensors: Entry/exit sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, smoke and CO detectors, flood and freeze sensors. 
  • Cameras: Indoor and outdoor cameras with night vision, live streaming, and motion detection recording. 
  • Smart Home Integration: Works with popular smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 
  • Doorbells: Wired and wireless video doorbells with two-way audio and motion recording. 
  • Thermostats and Smart Locks: Enhance comfort and security with integrated smart home devices. 

Comparing Equipment Options: 

Frontpoint offers various equipment packages and individual devices. Compare features and prices on their website to find the best fit for your needs. Remember, professional installation is available for an additional fee. 

Additional Services: Going Beyond the Basics: 

Frontpoint expands its offerings beyond standard security with optional services: 

  • Home Automation: Control lights, thermostats, and other smart devices remotely for added convenience and energy efficiency. 
  • Medical Alert: Ensure immediate assistance in medical emergencies with wearable panic buttons and two-way communication. 
  • Fire Monitoring: Protect your home and family with 24/7 professional monitoring for smoke and CO detectors. 
  • Environmental Monitoring: Safeguard against water damage and extreme temperatures with flood and freeze sensors. 

Remember: These additional services incur separate fees. Carefully consider your needs and budget before opting for them. 

Navigating the Sales Process: 

Transparency is key, and this frontpoint security Review discusses their sales process, including potential upselling tactics, so you can be prepared. When considering Frontpoint, initial impressions are crucial. Their website provides detailed information on plans and equipment, facilitating preliminary research. However, customer feedback suggests encountering upselling tactics during phone consultations. It’s important to set clear expectations and budget constraints beforehand. Frontpoint offers no-contract options, but some monitoring plans entail multi-year commitments. Prior to signing, thoroughly review contracts and comprehend cancellation terms. 

Installation and Setup: 

Frontpoint offers both professional and DIY installation options. This frontpoint security review will delve into the pros and cons of each. Frontpoint offers both professional and DIY installation options. With professional installation, trained technicians manage the setup process, guaranteeing proper equipment functionality and placement. While additional fees apply and scheduling may necessitate flexibility, customer reviews typically commend the professionalism and efficiency of the technicians. Alternatively, DIY installation involves clear instructions and video tutorials provided by Frontpoint. While cost-effective, this method demands technical expertise and troubleshooting skills. Some users have reported initial challenges, especially with more intricate systems. 

Customer Support: 

This frontpoint security review dives into their customer support options, including phone, email, online chat, and their online self-help center. Frontpoint provides various support channels to cater to different needs. Their phone support is accessible 24/7, staffed by knowledgeable representatives, although wait times may fluctuate during peak hours. Email support typically yields responses within a few hours to a day or two. During business hours, online chat serves as a convenient option for swift inquiries. Additionally, their online self-help center features troubleshooting guides and FAQs for users seeking independent assistance.. 

Customer Feedback: 

Reviews of Frontpoint’s support emphasize both strengths and weaknesses. Customers appreciate the helpfulness and courtesy of representatives, as well as their willingness to address and resolve issues. However, some users have encountered challenges, such as occasional difficulty in reaching phone support and inconsistencies in response times across different channels. 

Weighing the Options: Pros and Cons of Frontpoint Security 

Now that we’ve explored Frontpoint’s services, customer experience, and support, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons to determine if it’s the right fit for you. we’ve explored Frontpoint’s services, customer experience, and support. It’s time to weigh the pros and cons in this frontpoint security review to determine if it’s the right fit for you. 


Frontpoint offers comprehensive security solutions designed to meet diverse needs and preferences. With 24/7 professional monitoring featuring cellular backup, users can enjoy uninterrupted peace of mind, even during power outages or internet disruptions. Their extensive selection of sensors, cameras, and smart home integrations ensures tailored security solutions. Whether opting for DIY or professional installation, Frontpoint accommodates various budgets and technical expertise levels. Additional services such as fire monitoring, medical alerts, and environmental safeguards enhance overall protection. The user-friendly app allows convenient system control, live feed viewing, and alerts directly from smartphones. Moreover, select monitoring plans come with a no-contract option, providing flexibility and freedom from long-term commitments. Positive customer reviews frequently highlight excellent support, ease of use, and dependable monitoring as key strengths of Frontpoint’s offerings. 


Frontpoint’s offerings come with certain drawbacks to consider. Compared to competitors, their monitoring plans and equipment costs may be higher, particularly with professional installation. Some customers have reported encountering upselling tactics during the sales process, which can be off-putting. Additionally, Frontpoint offers limited monitoring options with only one professional monitoring plan available, potentially lacking flexibility for specific needs. While DIY installation is possible, it may pose challenges requiring technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills. Customer support, while generally positive, can be inconsistent, with occasional wait times and response delays. Furthermore, certain monitoring plans entail contractual obligations, with multi-year commitments, limiting flexibility for users. 

Making the Decision: Your Final Guide to Frontpoint Security 

This frontpoint security review concludes by summarizing the key takeaways and helping you decide if Frontpoint Security is the right fit for your home’s security needs. Frontpoint Security stands out for its unwavering reliability through 24/7 professional monitoring with cellular backup, offering peace of mind to security-conscious homeowners. With versatile equipment options and additional services, users can tailor their security setup to fit their unique needs. The flexibility of DIY or professional installation, combined with a user-friendly app and positive customer sentiments, enhances the overall experience. However, potential higher costs, upselling tactics, and limited monitoring plan options should be carefully weighed. Frontpoint earns an 8/10 rating, excelling in reliability and convenience but facing drawbacks in pricing and plan flexibility. If these features align with your priorities and budget, further exploration on their website is recommended, alongside comparing competitors and reading detailed reviews for informed decision-making.